Entrusting Your Case's Outcome To A Skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


As a cyclist, you are entitled to share the road equally with other motorists. However, other motorists may forget this important rule of the road. They may try to crowd you out of your lane of traffic or purposely cut you off. In fact, the roadways are increasingly more dangerous for cyclists, making it likely that you could be involved in a devastating wreck. You can get the compensation and justice that you are entitled to by hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you.

29 January 2021

What Makes Social Security Disability a Good Solution?


If you have been injured at work and have been declared disabled, you might have considered filing for Social Security Disability but dismissed the idea because you or your employer already have a disability insurance policy that will compensate you. The reality is that you would typically be better off with Social Security Disability if you can qualify. Here's a look at a few of the reasons why Social Security Disability is a better option.

18 January 2021

Inappropriate Behavior At A Construction Site May Lead To Injuries


Working at a construction site brings many safety concerns. Fire and electrical hazards present risks. The weather and environment could also raise worries. Anyone tasked with a dangerous job might find things become even more stressful when concerned about co-workers' unprofessional behavior. Bullying and horseplay might increase the potential hazards associated with constructing a building. If injured due to a co-worker's negligence, an injured person may file a civil suit to recover losses.

14 January 2021

Settlement Vs. Trial: Factors To Consider Before Taking Your Car Accident Case To Trial


Most car accident injury cases end up in a settlement. Both parties agree on a reasonable compensation amount based on various factors such as liability, claim value, and evidence. However, sometimes the parties involved may fail to agree during the negotiation process. As an injured party, you can opt to wait out the process or sue. But how do you determine the choice that's best for your case? Below are some factors to consider before taking your case to trial.

5 January 2021

How Do Lawyers Calculate Injury Demands And Settlements?


When someone goes to a personal injury law firm to discuss a case, it's common to end up talking about potential compensation numbers. Clients may wonder, however, how a personal injury lawyer comes up with these figures. These four factors dictate how an attorney arrives at a demand for a claim and what sort of settlement they might be willing to recommend to a client. Medical Expenses For the vast majority of cases, the calculation starts with whatever medical expenses the victim has incurred.

21 December 2020

What Impacts Your Commercial Vehicle Accident?


A commercial vehicle wreck can take a significant toll on your life, from the physical aspects to the emotional. At times, you may find it difficult to measure the impact of your case. So, are you unsure what might impact your case? These are some questions to ask as you work on developing your case for court. How Severe Is the Injury? The severity of an injury has a lot to do with the general outcome.

25 November 2020

2 Mistakes To Avoid When The Other Party's Insurance Contacts You After An Accident


If you were recently in a car accident, you may still be in the hospital or have just gotten home when an agent with the other party's insurance company has started to call you. While it may not seem like a bad idea to speak with them so that you can get the ball rolling on seeking restitution for your injuries as well as getting your medical bills covered, speaking too much with the agent could cause you to make a couple of mistakes that could hurt your case against the other person.

16 November 2020

How To Seek Compensation For A Defective Power Tool


Many homeowners choose to carry out do-it-yourself projects using power tools. These devices can be dangerous if they are not used properly. However, even in the hands of a skilled and experienced DIY enthusiast, a power tool can be dangerous if it is defective because the tool will not operate as expected. Here are some common injuries as well as information about who might be liable. Types of Injuries The type of injuries that can result from a defective power tool at home can include:

26 October 2020

How A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help Surviving Members Deal With Settlement


A wrongful death situation can hit your family like a freight train. How do you cope and what do you do next? Eventually, the topic of settlement will come up. Instead of dealing with it alone, your family can work with a wrongful death attorney. They can help you deal with these settlement situations in particular.  Calculate an Accurate Settlement After your loved one has passed on because of someone's negligence, how much do you go after?

15 October 2020

Car Accident Settlement Negotiations: Two Main Things To Know


When a careless driver has caused you to suffer from an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. You can either settle the case out of court or file a lawsuit against the other side, but settling is quicker and easier. Car accident victims should never agree to settle a case without understanding the answer to two main questions: 1. What Are Your Damages? The first question is about all the ways the accident has altered your life for the worse.

24 September 2020