Entrusting Your Case's Outcome To A Skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


As a cyclist, you are entitled to share the road equally with other motorists. However, other motorists may forget this important rule of the road. They may try to crowd you out of your lane of traffic or purposely cut you off.

In fact, the roadways are increasingly more dangerous for cyclists, making it likely that you could be involved in a devastating wreck. You can get the compensation and justice that you are entitled to by hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you.

Establishing Liability for the Wreck

When you retain a motorcycle accident lawyer, you can get the legal help that you need to establish liability for the wreck. Your lawyer has the ability to subpoena a host of evidence to support your claim. They can secure surveillance video from nearby traffic signals and posts. Your attorney can also get dashcam footage from your motorcycle, as well as other motorists who were near or involved in the wreck.

Using this evidence, your lawyer can establish quickly who is to blame for what happened. They can then target your legal action against this individual.

Filing Insurance Claims

Once your lawyer knows the identity of the responsible party, they can file claims against this person's insurance. Your motorcycle accident lawyer can file for coverage for your expenses related to medical treatment, prescription medications and your lost income. They can also make sure the insurer pays for bills for your motorcycle repairs.

The insurer may also be liable for covering your punitive damages, which can include any emotional or mental pain that you suffer from the wreck. This compensation can give you time to recover physically and mentally from the wreck before you go back to work and move on with your life.

Finally, your motorcycle accident lawyer can file a lawsuit if the insurer refuses to pay your claims. The lawsuit can put the insurer on notice that you intend to pursue legal action to recover compensation that you are entitled to under your state's personal injury laws. It can also pave the way for the insurer to settle out-of-court with you.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you after a devastating wreck. They can prove the identity of the person responsible for what happened. They can also file insurance claims and pursue a lawsuit.

If you were in an accident on your motorcycle, contact a local motorcycle accident lawyer.


29 January 2021

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