What Makes Social Security Disability a Good Solution?


If you have been injured at work and have been declared disabled, you might have considered filing for Social Security Disability but dismissed the idea because you or your employer already have a disability insurance policy that will compensate you. The reality is that you would typically be better off with Social Security Disability if you can qualify. Here's a look at a few of the reasons why Social Security Disability is a better option.

You Will Qualify for Medicare

In most situations, finding yourself facing a disability of any kind also means medical bills for the injury that landed you that way. Those medical bills can pile up quickly if you've lost your employment because of your inability to work. This remains the case even if you are receiving disability benefits from your employer's insurance company.

If you apply for, and receive, Social Security Disability, part of that qualification also includes access to Medicare coverage. That means your medical bills will be covered during your treatment and recovery period. This can mean significant savings for you and your family, potentially protecting your credit rating and your financial future.

You Can Obtain Job-Based Rehabilitation Services

In many situations, an approval for Social Security Disability can also give you access to some rehabilitation services that can help you find other work. If your disability has prevented you from working in your existing career field, but you lack other training or skills to pursue something that you physically can do, you can access training to prepare you for a new job. This could allow you to re-enter the workforce when you are physically able. In the meantime, you'll typically receive your Social Security Disability benefits throughout the duration of your training and for a brief period while you are trying to return to work.

You Will Be Compensated Fairly

If you accept disability benefits from your employer's disability insurance, the settlement amount you receive will be determined by the insurance provider. This company is working in the interest of your employer, which means that you will likely receive less than you might otherwise be eligible for. Additionally, you will usually be awarded a flat rate per month that will not change no matter how long you receive those benefits.

With Social Security Disability, the benefits you receive will be based upon your work history, and the earnings you received during that time. That means you may receive more than you would otherwise. If there is a Social Security cost of living update, your disability payments will also be adjusted based on that update.

Talk with a Social Security attorney for more help and information.


18 January 2021

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