The Role That Personal Injury Lawyers Play in Advocating for Victims


Attorneys do more than just sit in offices and collect money that their clients pay to them. They actually can be vital advocates for your best interests, particularly when you have been injured in a serious accident.

When you find yourself facing off against the person who caused the accident, you do not have to argue for yourself or endure harassment or threats. You can hire a personal injury lawyer where you live to represent and advocate for you.

1. Protecting Your Best Interests

People who cause accidents are not always agreeable to settling cases fast and with any amount of empathy. In fact, some of these individuals can become contentious and do everything possible to blame you for what happened.

It can be difficult and emotionally taxing to defend yourself in these instances, particularly when you know that you did not cause the accident. Instead of trying to counter this person's claim and find yourself embroiled in a hefty argument, you can retain one of the available personal injury lawyers to advocate for you.

Your attorney can act as your intermediary in the discussions that ensue after the accident. He or she can counter any accusations that are levied against you and return with facts to show that the person accusing you is actually responsible for your pain and suffering.

With the facts of the case in hand, your attorney can also take a case to court and win before a judge or jury. He or she can make sure that your best interests are fully protected, that you are offered a judgment or settlement and that you avoid having to pay for or accept any responsibility for the accident.

2. Pursuing Criminal Charges

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, criminal charges may even be appropriate for the person who caused it. Along with pursuing litigation in court, personal injury lawyers can also make sure that criminal charges get filed if necessary. For example, if the person acted maliciously and injured you on purpose, he or she can be charged and held criminally liable, along with civilly liable, for what happened to you.

Local personal injury lawyers can provide important services to accident victims like you. They can advocate for victims and counter-accusations as needed. Your attorney can likewise file a case to take to court, work out a settlement and also make sure criminal charges get filed. 


2 April 2021

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