What To Do After Being Injured In An Auto Accident


Were you the unfortunate victim of an auto accident that left you with a serious injury? If so, you're likely wondering what to do that will help strengthen your injury case against the other driver's insurance company.  

Take Plenty Of Pictures

It's not possible to take too many pictures when you are involved in an auto accident since they are going to be one of your main ways to document what happened and how serious the injury is. If you're capable of taking picture of the car immediately after an accident, you should definitely do so. You'll want to take pictures of the car itself, photos that show where the car ended up after the impact, the other driver's vehicle, skid marks on the road, and anything else that can help prove your case. For example, there may be an overgrown brush blocking your view of the intersection before you approached it.

If you were unable to take pictures of the car immediately after the accident, go back to the accident scene and look for those things that may be important later on. Skid marks are still going to be on the ground, and any other evidence that can help paint a better picture of what happened will always help.

Your photographs don't stop with vehicle damage, though, since you'll want to take plenty of photos of yourself and your injury. Taking photos of injuries at their worst is going to help your case, especially if you have bruising and discoloration. Having pictures of you in the hospital after the injury is just going to strengthen your case.

File A Claim With Each Insurance Provider

There is no way to keep an accident a secret from your own insurance company. Many people assume that they can just file the claim with the other driver's insurance company, and they won't have to deal with their rates going up for being involved in an accident. However, it will get back to your insurance provider at some point, especially if your vehicle was totaled, and there are many advantages to filing a claim with your own insurance provider.

Chances are that you may not have your entire accident covered under the other driver's insurance, and you'll eventually need to use that underinsured motorist coverage that you have been paying for. There may also be a requirement to notify your insurance company of an accident, and not doing so can cause problems later on with your coverage.

Seek An Legal Consultation

If you do have a serious injury, it is worth meeting with an injury lawyer for a consultation. This meeting is free, and if you have a good case, they will be willing to help you take it to court so you can receive the compensation you deserve. 


8 June 2021

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