DUI License Suspensions and Revocations: What Defendants Should Know


Driving under the influence (DUI) charges may lead to several problems. One of the worst is the removal of a defendant's driving privileges. For those facing DUI charges, it pays to understand what could happen to their driver's license as a result. Driving Is a Must Once you are released from jail, you may face an immediate loss of driving privileges pending the outcome of your case. A lot can happen because of a DUI arrest.

6 April 2022

Will I Receive Compensation For New Medical Treatments Under Workers' Compensation?


When you file a workers' compensation claim after you are injured at work, and need to seek medical treatment, you will be entitled to compensation for your medical treatments. If you later need to receive future medical treatments, you may wonder if these will be covered by the workers' compensation insurance provider as well. This is something you need to discuss with a workers' compensation lawyer. Medical Treatment Not Related to the Accident 

3 February 2022