3 Compensable Medical Treatments Auto Accident Victims May Need


The average individual does not fear or have concerns about leaving home and getting involved in a car accident. However, these unfortunate situations happen daily to unsuspecting individuals. They can cause minor and severe injuries. Many car accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Individuals who are injured in car accidents might be entitled to compensation. 

Some injuries are immediately obvious. However, it is possible for injured individuals not to feel hurt after an accident. This might result in them declining medical treatment. This can be problematic if injuries manifest hours or days later. It is best to err on the side of caution and go to the emergency room after a collision. Sometimes their diagnostic testing can reveal injuries that may not be immediately obvious such as bruised ribs. The following points identify a few compensable medical costs accident victims may have.

Physical or Chiropractic Therapies

An accident does not have to be major to cause injuries. Individuals may get sprains such as whiplash. Some accidents also affect the spinal cord. Sprains and spinal cord injuries can be managed by chiropractors and physical therapists.  Broken leg bones and amputations may result in a need for mobility assistance. Some accident victims may sustain head injuries that cause them to forget to do everyday things such as walking and feeding themselves. Physical therapy is usually required for these individuals 

Dental Reconstruction

The force and impact involved in some collisions can cause facial injuries. Individuals may experience cracked or chipped teeth. It is also possible for teeth to get knocked out. Sometimes deployed airbags are the culprit, but individuals may also hit their heads on parts of the vehicle and get these oral injuries. These injuries may require cosmetic dentistry to preserve damaged teeth or replace missing teeth.


Being involved in a car accident can be a scary experience. It can lead to anxiety. Extreme cases might result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If there was a death that resulted from the accident, injured individuals may experience depression. Serious injuries that negatively impact life such as a permanent disability may also cause depression. The effects of an accident on an individual's mental health may be compensable in addition to physical injuries.

An auto accident lawyer is a good resource for injured individuals to use. They can act on behalf of their clients and interact with insurance companies to negotiate settlements and communicate injuries. This process gives victims time to heal. It also ensures that they do not make mistakes when speaking with insurance adjusters or lawyers. One of the key benefits attorneys provide is improving the chances of their clients receiving fair compensation.


10 August 2022

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