DUI License Suspensions and Revocations: What Defendants Should Know


Driving under the influence (DUI) charges may lead to several problems. One of the worst is the removal of a defendant's driving privileges. For those facing DUI charges, it pays to understand what could happen to their driver's license as a result.

Driving Is a Must

Once you are released from jail, you may face an immediate loss of driving privileges pending the outcome of your case. A lot can happen because of a DUI arrest. You may be innocent of the charges so you can begin to work with a criminal defense attorney on proving your case. Many defendants will be presented with a plea bargain at some point after an arrest. Whatever may happen, you will probably need to drive until everything is resolved. Your children will need to go to school, and you will need to keep your job, if possible, so that you can keep funds coming in to help pay for your defense and court costs. You will also need to buy food and attend medical appointments. All those things require a way to legally drive a vehicle.

Hardship Licenses

Speak with your defense lawyer about a hardship license. This will allow you to drive on a limited basis during certain hours of the day, days of the week, and to certain places only. In some cases, a hardship license is accompanied by an ignition interlock device. This device is connected to the starter on your vehicle, and it won't start without a breathalyzer test. This sort of license is not offered to everyone so find out more by speaking to your lawyer.


This removal of driving privileges is considered temporary so there is hope that you can get your regular license to drive back again one day. The judge may rule that your license is suspended for a period of six months or a year and then you can apply for reinstatement.


This sort of removal is final. Once revoked, it's gone forever. Repeat DUI offenders, accidents with death involved, driving repeatedly with a suspended license, and other severe offenses can incur a revocation.

What to Do

The best way to get your driving privileges back is to beat the charges. Your drunk driving attorney will examine your case to find issues that can be used to get your charges dropped or reduced. The entire incident of the arrest will be viewed with an eye toward finding issues where law enforcement failed to follow proper procedure or acted without probable cause. Don't just sit back and let your life be destroyed by a wrongful DUI conviction. Speak to a defense lawyer to find out more about what can be done.  


6 April 2022

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