The Responsibilities Of A Property Owner When Preventing Winter-Related Slip And Fall Accidents


One of the factors that is the most likely to lead to a slip and fall accident is bad weather conditions. This is especially true during the winter when snow and ice can lead to slippery conditions. While some businesses will apply salt to an icy surface, other businesses are negligent and you might suddenly find yourself slipping down a flight of stairs. 

The Responsibilities of a Property Owner

Regardless of the weather, business owners are responsible for taking over their properties and making sure that they are safe. When there are hazards, they must warn customers of the hazards or should take steps to mitigate the risks.

There are various steps a business owner is typically expected to take including shoveling, salting, and plowing. A particular area might be temporarily wet and slippery. The property owner should put up a sign to warn visitors of the potential danger.

Maintenance During the Winter

Other snow-related issues can also emerge as a result of poor maintenance including a flight of stairs becoming damaged and the snowmaking it impossible to see the damage. For example, a step might collapse when stepped on but this isn't visible due to the snow.

Some property owners will outsource snow removal services to an outside expert. However, the property owner will still be responsible for any injuries that result even if a third party fails to properly maintain the property. 

Comparative Negligence

If you are simply going about your day and are careful, the property owner might be fully responsible for the accident. However, if you are considered reckless, you might be held partially responsible for the accident. For example, if you tried to use a sled to slide down a flight of snow-covered stairs and became injured, you might be held responsible for the accident.

How to Hold the Property Owner Responsible

One of the hardest aspects of a slip and fall case is proving that you were injured as a result of the negligence of the business owner. Fortunately, a slip and fall attorney can guide you through this process. If you slip and fall, you might think that it is a minor event.

But if you do not receive treatment quickly, you may not be able to easily prove that you were injured by the event. You may later discover that you have back pain that developed as a result of the accident. However, if you take the right steps and work with a slip and fall attorney, you may be entitled to compensation.


17 November 2021

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