Affordable Help When Your Workers' Comp Claim Is Denied


If you have been hurt on the job, your employer's workers' comp coverage is, in most cases, a valuable benefit. Rather than having to cope with medical bills and other issues on your own, this form of insurance can pay for not only your medical expenses but a partial salary when you are too hurt to work. Unfortunately, workers' comp insurers are not as easy to work with as you might expect, and that can result in denied claims. To find out why claims get denied and to learn about an affordable way to deal with those issues, read on.

Claim Denials Can Be Common

You might be surprised at how often hurt workers contend with denied claims. Problems can begin the moment you try to file a claim. Claims may be denied immediately if your claim form had errors, omissions, or inaccuracies. Even workers who manage to get their claims accepted may find their benefits cut off or delayed without good cause. Workers can do everything right and still end up being unable to work, in pain, and with mounting medical debts. Take a look at a few common denial situations some workers must endure:

  • You have been accused of not following proper safety rules at the time of the injury.
  • Your benefits began but then your workers' comp doctor unexpectedly ordered you to return to work. Unfortunately, you are still not ready to do that.
  • You are being threatened with the loss of a job because you filed a workers' comp claim.
  • You suspect you have a permanent injury but the workers' comp insurer refuses to offer you a settlement.

Affordable Legal Help May Be Available

Have you heard of contingency fee arrangements? This way of paying for the legal help you need to get your workers' comp claim straightened out could be right for you. When your benefits get cut off or denied, you are potentially owed money for those denied and delayed claims. A workers' comp lawyer can represent you for no upfront money. The lawyer gets paid once you win your case. If you end up not being paid anything, you also won't owe the workers' comp lawyer any money.

You don't have to put up with claim denials and losing your rightful benefits. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer about your problems today and get the workers' compensation benefits that you need and deserve.


14 September 2021

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