Carpal Tunnel And Your Worker's Compensation Claim: What You Should Know


If you've recently been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome or if you suspect you may have carpal tunnel but haven't yet been diagnosed, one of the things you need to consider is whether or not this condition was caused by your job. When carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the tasks you perform at work, you may have the right to claim worker's compensation benefits as a result. Here's a look at what you need to know about carpal tunnel and worker's compensation.

Is Carpal Tunnel Covered Under Worker's Compensation?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is, in fact, covered under worker's compensation in certain situations. If your condition was directly caused by your job, you can typically claim worker's compensation benefits as a result. 

Will Worker's Compensation Cover Your Carpal Tunnel Treatments?

When you file a worker's compensation claim for your carpal tunnel diagnosis, your employer will direct you to a medical care provider for an independent assessment and treatment recommendation. These services are covered by worker's compensation provided that the carpal tunnel syndrome is a result of your job.

That means that, even if you have to have surgery for your carpal tunnel syndrome, worker's compensation insurance should cover the cost of the procedure and the resulting physical therapy.

How Can You Prove That Carpal Tunnel Was Caused By Your Job?

Unlike some types of on-the-job injuries, carpal tunnel is a condition that develops over time. It's not an acute condition that appears suddenly and is directly connected to an incident, such as the injuries from a fall. That makes it harder to connect carpal tunnel syndrome to your job. As a result, if you even suspect that carpal tunnel syndrome may be the problem, you should reach out to a worker's compensation attorney right away.

A worker's compensation lawyer can help you to build the evidence that you need to show that your carpal tunnel syndrome was caused by repetitive movements at work and not by a hobby that you may or may not have.

Will You Miss Work Because Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

You might wonder if you will have to seek worker's compensation coverage for missed work earnings as a result of your carpal tunnel diagnosis and treatment. The truth is that every case is different and, while you may need to have surgery or there may not be another position you can fill while you're recovering, others may not miss work at all.

If the worker's compensation insurance company is resistant to paying for missed work, you'll want to reach out to your attorney. Worker's compensation lawyers know how to negotiate these situations with the insurance company to get you the compensation that you deserve.


24 June 2021

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