Inappropriate Behavior At A Construction Site May Lead To Injuries


Working at a construction site brings many safety concerns. Fire and electrical hazards present risks. The weather and environment could also raise worries. Anyone tasked with a dangerous job might find things become even more stressful when concerned about co-workers' unprofessional behavior. Bullying and horseplay might increase the potential hazards associated with constructing a building. If injured due to a co-worker's negligence, an injured person may file a civil suit to recover losses.

Safe Working Environments and Safe Employees

Management has certain responsibilities to maintain a safe working environment. Failing to provide necessary and well-maintained safety equipment could lead an employer into legal trouble. Poorly training employees as a cost-cutting measure might be another form of negligence, as is poor supervision. By allowing bad behavior or even contributing to it, the company running the site may face a lawsuit. For example, when someone complains about a supervisor physically threatening them to move faster on the job and management ignores the complaint, the employer may face a civil suit if the supervisor's actions later lead to a subordinate's injuries. And there are other more "mundane" examples of negligence that could contribute to harm, as well.

Messy, Disorganized Work Environments

Does the construction company maintain a policy for a clean and orderly work environment? Are employees adhering to the policy? If the answer is no on either of these questions, the work environment may be hazardous. Workers who leave plugged in power tools on the ground when finished using them could create a dangerous slip-and-fall hazard. Besides the injuries from hitting the ground, the blades on the tools might cause lacerations. A cluttered, disorganized work environment may create many potential hazards. When fellow workers create these hazards and management does nothing to curtail the perils, someone might get hurt.

Employees Engaging in Horseplay

Workers who decide to "play around" on break while others are working may contribute to dangers. Playing a "harmless" game of touch football might be distracting and wildly inappropriate. Imagine a worker engaged in horseplay who bumps into someone using a drill, resulting in an injury. A question may arise, "Did management do anything to prevent inappropriate horseplay on the job?"

Civil Suits and Compensation

If injured at a construction site due to negligence, the injured party may file suit against the employer, fellow workers, or anyone else whose negligent behavior contributed to the injury. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages might be sought in court. Anyone injured at a construction site could find it worthwhile to discuss legal strategies with a construction injury attorney.

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14 January 2021

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