2 Mistakes To Avoid When The Other Party's Insurance Contacts You After An Accident


If you were recently in a car accident, you may still be in the hospital or have just gotten home when an agent with the other party's insurance company has started to call you. While it may not seem like a bad idea to speak with them so that you can get the ball rolling on seeking restitution for your injuries as well as getting your medical bills covered, speaking too much with the agent could cause you to make a couple of mistakes that could hurt your case against the other person.

1.  Going Into Too Many Details About the Accident

One mistake that you should avoid when the other person's insurance company starts calling you is going into too many details about the events before, during, and after the accident. Even if you are on the phone with them, they will record everything that you say and try to nitpick small details that could point to you as the one responsible for the crash.

If they do contact you, you are not required to talk to them at that time. Plan on getting a lawyer to represent you, and then let them know this so that they will stop trying to get a statement from you.

2.  Accepting Any Offers They Present to You While You Are Still Recovering

Another mistake that you need to avoid after an auto accident is accepting any offers that the other person's insurance company tries to present to you. Even if the amount of money seems to be good, accepting anything at this time will be disastrous to you in the future.

If you go ahead and accept an offer, they will not have to pay for anything else in the future, including time off from work and medical bills. If they are coming at you hard to get you to accept an offer, have an attorney deal with them.

Especially in the days following your accident, the other party's insurance company will be trying their best to communicate with you so that they can try to catch you in a statement that implies guilt and/or try to settle the case before you even have a chance to heal. Especially while you are trying to recover, you should not try to navigate the legalities and communications by yourself. As soon as possible after the incident, contact an auto accident attorney so that you can discuss your case with them and have them take over communicating with the other insurance company. 


16 November 2020

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