Car Accident Settlement Negotiations: Two Main Things To Know


When a careless driver has caused you to suffer from an injury, you may be entitled to compensation. You can either settle the case out of court or file a lawsuit against the other side, but settling is quicker and easier. Car accident victims should never agree to settle a case without understanding the answer to two main questions:

1. What Are Your Damages?

The first question is about all the ways the accident has altered your life for the worse. Each form of harm is attached to a sum of money. For example, your time missed from work is the dollar amount you were not paid because of being in the hospital. While all personal injury cases are different, many accident victims are owed for the following forms of damage:

  • Lost wages – The sum of all time missed from work.
  • Medical expenses – The sum of all medical expenses related to the wreck even if they are paid by insurance.
  • Vehicle repair or totaling – You will need a repair estimate if your vehicle is not totaled.
  • Lost or damaged personal property – You may need a new child car seat after an accident (never reuse a car seat that's been in an accident). You should consider, too, lost or damaged cell phones or other devices and expensive clothing and accessories.
  • Pain and suffering – You will note that this form of damage may not have an apparent dollar amount connected to it. Instead, personal injury lawyers and insurers use various methods to calculate your pain and suffering damages.

2. How Can I Get What I Deserve?

It's difficult, if not impossible, for accident victims to cope with the overwhelming task of negotiating for the above damages on their own. You can relieve yourself of that burden by speaking with a personal injury lawyer about your case as soon as possible after the wreck. They will start things off by sending the other side a letter letting them know that you have retained representation, that their driver is responsible for the wreck, how much you expect to be paid, and why. Once that happens, things can unfold like this:

  • The other side makes an offer.
  • Your side makes a counteroffer that is higher than their offer but a bit lower than the amount originally demanded.
  • This goes on till both sides reach a stalemate. That is when you and your lawyer must decide whether or not to adjust your expectations or take them to court.

Don't allow the stress of dealing with the insurance company add to your burden. For more information, contact a law business such as Cok Kinzler PLLP.


24 September 2020

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