Environmental Causes Vs. Doctor Neglect In Birth Defect Legal Cases


One of the challenges of a birth defect case is that you may not know if your birth defect is the result of an environmental cause or if it is the result of hospital negligence in some cases. For some birth defects, there may be more than one potential cause. You may also be able to file a legal case against the manufacturers of a medical product you have taken.

Medications That Cause Birth Defects

There are several medications that have been linked to birth defects such as Paxil, Warfarin, and Accutane. If your doctor prescribes one of these medications, she might be liable for any birth defects that result. Also, even if you are prescribed the right medication, the pharmacy might supply you with the wrong one. Each year, thousands of Americans die because they are given the wrong medication by the pharmacy.

Improper Care During a Stay at the Hospital

You may need to visit the hospital for a reason other than your pregnancy. Then, even though the hospital may know you're pregnant, they may administer a treatment that could potentially cause a birth defect. Or, they may not even find out if you are pregnant. 

Another problem is when a hospital decides to run unnecessary tests that may be harmful to your baby. For example, a medical test might expose your baby to radiation and this may lead to birth defects. But with the help of a birth defect attorney, you will be able to prove that your doctors were not following standard medical procedures.

Other Causes of Birth Defects

Not all birth defects are caused by medical malpractice and some are unavoidable. Your child might simply have a genetic predisposition to having a birth defect. Environmental factors that can lead to birth defects include infections and alcohol consumption. However, you may still have a case for medical malpractice if your doctor did not warn you of a particular risk or if your doctor did not take the steps necessary to protect your child. If you are not sure, it's best to consult with birth defect attorneys

Seeking compensation for a birth defect is essential because medical practitioners must be held accountable. Taking care of a baby who is suffering from a birth defect can be expensive and time-consuming. You also owe it to your child to seek compensation for the pain and suffering that he might undergo as a result of the defect. 


16 September 2020

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