3 Signs You Might Have A Good Motorcycle Accident Case


If you have been involved in an accident recently, you might be wondering if you have a good motorcycle accident case. Some people never pursue these cases because they don't think they will win or because they don't think that the process will be worth it. However, there is a good chance that you do have a good motorcycle case. These are three signs that this might be the case.

1. You Were Riding a Motorcycle at the Time of the Accident

It might seem pretty obvious, but the first criterion for a motorcycle accident case is that you were riding a motorcycle at the time that the accident occurred. You may still qualify for a case if your motorcycle wasn't seriously damaged. If your motorcycle was seriously damaged or destroyed, however, you might deserve compensation for the repair or replacement of your bike, if the other party's insurance has not already covered these costs. Make sure that you take pictures of your motorcycle so that you can use them as evidence in your case. If you take your motorcycle to a repair professional, make sure that you keep their written quote and other important information about the repairs that might be needed and the cost of those repairs or the estimated cost of a replacement motorcycle.

2. The Accident Wasn't Your Fault

Of course, if you probably don't want to sue yourself or your own insurance company. Therefore, in order for you to have a good motorcycle case, the accident that you were involved in should have been the other party's fault. If the case wasn't particularly cut and dried, your lawyer might still be able to help. If there are special circumstances — such as if a drunk driver struck you while you were on your bike — then this might help your case.

3. You Were Injured Because of the Accident

Lastly, if you were injured because of your motorcycle accident, there is a chance that you have a strong case. After all, you probably want to be compensated for time that you have missed from work, and you probably want to make sure that your medical bills are covered. Make sure that you keep records of medical bills, lost income, and more so you can give this information to your attorney.

As you can see, the criteria for a successful motorcycle accident isn't a strict or complicated as you might think. As long as the three things above are true, then there is a good chance that a motorcycle accident attorney can help you out. Look for a motorcycle accident attorney in your area to see if you have a case. 


14 August 2020

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