Keys to Addressing No Fault Claims After an Accident


The automobile insurance industry right now is valued at more than $300 billion and rising. You can protect yourself and your vehicle when you have the right auto insurance. This also helps to protect the damages that you create in the event that you cause damage to someone else's property. There are several legal parameters you must be aware of when things go wrong. No Fault Claims are common in the world of auto accidents. Read on and learn more about these cases and what you should know.

Understand the parameters of no-fault insurance and how these claims work 

You need to study the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage and what it entails. This is another name for no-fault insurance. It is a provision that comes with car insurance plans to pay for medical bills and other forms of healthcare. Several states require no-fault insurance while others have a no-fault option. You may need to stake a claim on the other driver's insurance so that you can cover your medical injuries if you get hurt in an accident.

Hire the help of an attorney that can address your claim

Bringing a lawyer on board is your best bet when you are dealing with claims of any variety. Car accident attorneys that live and practice in no-fault states can help you with such claims. They are seasoned and will assist you with every parameter of the case. Check to see how much lawyers charge in legal fees as well. These legal contingency fees consist of a portion of the no-fault claim payout. No-fault claims cap out at about 20 percent depending on the state you're in. Hiring a quality attorney will help you come up with a strategy for the case.

Keep up with your auto insurance and understand the laws in your state

States like New Jersey, Kentucky, and Massachusetts all have some form of no-fault insurance. Keep up with this facet of your auto insurance if you do happen to live in a no-fault insurance state. Reevaluate your premiums each time that your car insurance plan is up for renewal. Your no-fault claims attorney should be able to advise you on a suitable insurance plan as well.

The legal words of advice above will help you out whether you go to court or get a settlement. Consider these tips and reach out to some legal professionals that can assist you further. 


23 July 2020

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