Great Expectations: What To Expect From A Car Accident Settlement


Accident victims deserve to be "made whole again" using personal injury compensation. This old-fashioned legal term means that victims should be brought back to their previous state or as close to that as possible using financial means. When you seek money damages from the driver who hit you and sent you to the hospital, you are not being greedy – you are just trying to right a wrong. The question always arises of the amount you might be entitled to be paid. Read on and find out why the answer to that question may be unclear until later on.

Your First Move – An Attorney

You would be making a mistake to rely on the at-fault driver's insurer to pay you what you deserve. Insurance companies may need a little nudge from a personal injury lawyer before they agree to pay your damages. That does not necessarily mean you will be heading to court. Personal injury lawyers have several ways of requesting and negotiating for a settlement outside of court.

Asking Your Attorney About a Settlement

You may ask your attorney about the settlement amount at your initial meeting, but don't expect an answer. Accident cases have many moving parts, and your attorney may be lacking the information needed at this stage to provide you an answer. You can help, however, by providing your lawyer with as much info about the accident and your medical treatment as possible.

What Settlements Are Based On

If you had to name a single factor that most influences the amount of a car accident settlement, it might be the victim's medical treatment costs. See the below list for other factors that play a part in what you will end up receiving:

  1. Fault – If you were partially at fault for the wreck, it will reduce your chances for a settlement and the amount considerably.
  2. Future medical costs – If you were seriously hurt in the wreck and will need future care, your settlement will surely be larger. You must, however, carefully consider how much future medical care might cost using the advice of your attorney and medical and economic experts.
  3. Lost wages – You are entitled to be reimbursed for all time out of work.
  4. Pain and suffering – This factor is usually based, in part, on your medical costs. Higher medical bills often translate to more misery and lack of well-being for accident victims.
  5. Your age, education, sex, etc. – Personal characteristics can play a part in settlements.
  6. Your location – Settlements are often in line with what has been paid in similar cases in your area.

As time goes on and more and more evidence is gathered, your attorney will be able to provide you with some ballpark figures to expect. Speak to an auto accident attorney to learn more today.


7 February 2020

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