Understanding When To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney


Worker's compensation insurance is a type of insurance policy that the vast majority of employers are legally required to carry. This type of insurance is designed to protect employees if they are injured while at work. In most cases, filing a worker's compensation claim after a workplace injury is fairly straightforward, but there are situations that can become complicated. Thus, there are instances where one may require the services of a worker's compensation attorney. Some of the top reasons you may need a worker's compensation attorney include the following.

Insurance Company Denies Your Claim

After you are injured at work, you will need to alert your supervisor, fill out an incident report, and seek medical treatment. Then, you will need to fill out the necessary paperwork and submit it to your company's worker's compensation insurance company. An insurance company may deny a claim for a number of reasons; if you receive notification that your claim has been denied, the best thing that you can do is hire a worker's compensation attorney to assist you.

You Have a Pre-Existing Condition

If you have a pre-existing condition, such as a bad back, and then you hurt your back in an injury at work, you will likely need the services of a worker's compensation attorney. When you have a pre-existing condition, it can be much trickier to prove that your current injury was caused by a workplace accident. An insurance company is also more likely to deny a claim if a person has a pre-existing condition. A good worker's compensation attorney will be able to build a case to prove that your current injury is the cause of a workplace injury and has nothing to do with your pre-existing condition.

Hostile Work Environment

If an employee is injured while at work, they have the right to file a claim with their employer's worker's compensation insurance company. However, when a claim is accepted, an employer's insurance premiums can increase. Thus, in some cases, a company may try to encourage employees not to file a worker's comp claim. There have also been instances of employees being subtly "punished" after filing a claim. If your manager or supervisor have made negative comments to you after you file a worker's compensation claim, it is a good idea to consult an attorney. Likewise, you may also need the services of an attorney if you are fired, your hours are cut, or you are denied a raise after you file your claim.

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31 January 2020

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