Self-Driving Features And Personal Injury Claims: What To Expect


Autonomous, or self-driving, functions are not features of the future. There are plenty of vehicles that have this capability on the road right now. This level of control, or lack thereof, raises plenty of safety concerns, and there has been little discussion about who will be to blame if these systems fail and cause a crash.

Responsibility to Monitor

Self-driving features are awesome in that they give the driver the opportunity to allow the vehicle's technology to drive and stay in the lane. While much of this technology has been tested for years and is considered safe, drivers still have a responsibility to monitor the vehicle and the road ahead. 

The computer systems that control these features can fail, get hacked or get attacked by viruses, which will alter how they function. However, when the driver is closely monitoring the road, they can quickly adapt as necessary to ensure the vehicle is operating safely. As a result, a crash that occurs while the vehicle is in self-driving mode is still the responsibility of the driver. 

Prolonged Claims

If you find yourself on the victim side of a crash with an autonomous vehicle, you should prepare yourself for the possibility of a prolonged claim. While it's up to the driver to maintain the vehicle, if the system were to fail as a result of a manufacturer's mistake or problem, the other driver, and their attorney, could argue that the accident is not their fault, but instead a manufacturer issue.

If this claim is made, the case will become a lot more complex, and as a result, could take a lot longer to settle. However, should the scenario shift in this direction, your attorney will be able to assist you with any changes that might come about. 

No-Fault States

Again, it's the driver's responsibility to monitor the vehicle when it is in self-driving mode. However, it's equally your responsibility to drive safely. If you are involved in an accident using this technology and you live in a no-fault state, even if the technology and the driver are largely to blame for the accident, your actions may still matter.

Whether you were speeding, you were distracted, or you were engaging in some other violation, your actions may have a large impact on how much personal injury compensation you are able to seek, if any at all. 

Were you involved in an auto accident with a vehicle that was in self-driving mode? Speak with an auto accident attorney to ensure your case is handled correctly and the fault is placed appropriately.  


29 January 2020

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