The Basics Of Choosing A Lawyer For Your Auto Accident Case


If you were seriously hurt in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be looking at your options for filing an auto accident injury claim. If you are reaching out to an attorney for representation, there are some things that you should discuss in your consultation to help you choose the right attorney to represent you. Here are a couple of those things that you should be asking, and what to look for in the answers.

Does The Attorney Specialize In Auto Accident Cases?

Personal injury is a large discipline for the legal field. It includes a variety of cases, from wrongful death to auto accidents. Ask your attorney about the disciplines of personal injury law that he or she practices. Make sure that any attorney you consider actually specializes in auto accident cases, even if they practice in other disciplines.

This also means familiarizing yourself with their experience in these cases. Ask the attorney how long he or she has been practicing in auto accident law, how many cases they have taken, and what their record is for settlements, wins, and losses. The more you know about the attorney's experience and background, the easier it will be to choose the attorney who is right for you.

Who Will Actually Be Working On Your Case?

When you deal with big law firms, sometimes the attorney you retain isn't the one who does most of the work on the case. If you have a real preference for the attorney that you are retaining, you'll want to be sure that the attorney you retain is the one who will be working on your case.

Ask about who else might be involved in the case, including any other attorneys that you may end up working with along the way. That way, you can be clear about everyone who is involved, and it gives you the chance to make sure that you are comfortable with your entire legal party. If you are particularly concerned about having your case managed by a specific attorney, this is also the time for you to stress that and find out if it's an option for your situation.

These are two of the things that you should consider when you're looking to file an automobile accident attorney. Understanding who will work on your case, and knowing the experience and history of those attorneys, can help you to find the attorney that's right for your situation.


27 January 2020

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