Were You Assaulted And Almomst Killed? Talk With An Injury Lawyer Today


A bad injury from an assault can be life changing, and if you were assaulted while out and you were innocent in the vent, you want legal representation. No one should ever be assaulted, and if you were so badly injured that the medical staff didn't know if you would live, or ever recover from your injuries, legal action is an option.

Consulting with a lawyer allows you to tell the events that happened and figure out if you could possibly have the opportunity to press charges. The personal injury attorney will be interested in these things.

Cause of the Assault

The lawyer will want to know what happened to lead to the assault. You want to go through the events of what you can remember and share your side of the story. The lawyer will want to know if you antagonized the person that assaulted you, if you instigated the fight, and what part of the fight you were responsible for.

Description of the Physical Injuries

A lawyer needs a full description of the injuries for the case. This means medical reports, images from any x-rays or scans, statements from physicians, surgeons and therapists and more. The lawyer needs to know:

  • How bad the injuries were at the time of the assault
  • If you'll have permanent damage
  • What type of rehabilitation is needed for recovery
  • How these injuries affect working

The lawyer will need to show how your life is permanently affected from this injury and what type of physical pain you're enduring.

Long Term Mental Health Complications

It's not uncommon to suffer from long term mental health problems after you have been assaulted, and you could even have PTSD. If this injury has already made you depressed, you have anxiety, and you are afraid to go out in public, these are problems that will also be brought up to help with your case.

If you didn't harm another person and they assaulted you so badly that your life was on the line, and you have injuries mentally and physically that will last a lifetime, talk with a personal injury attorney. If there are video tapes, eyewitnesses, and a report of the attack, these are all things that will help with your case. You want to act quickly to get the case in motion, and so you can press charges and push for a settlement and put everything that happened in the past.


21 January 2020

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