Protecting Yourself After A Slip And Fall Accident


A slip and fall accident can be a nightmare for individuals. Some people get embarrassed when they slip and fall in a public place, especially if there are several people who see them fall. This can cause them to lose focus on any pain or injuries. Victims may also get embarrassed enough to leave the premises without reporting the incident, which is a huge mistake that can cost them if they end up needing medical attention. The following points will help you understand more about slip and fall accidents and what to do if one happens to you.

Determine What Caused the Fall

Slip and falls can occur when an individual trips over an object. They can also occur when individuals slip and fall due to wet flooring in a business. Uneven flooring or missing tile on floors can also cause someone to trip and fall. 

What to Do

Look to see if someone can assist you with getting up. If you feel any pain, remain on the ground or floor and request that emergency services get called. This is because some falls are significant enough to result in broken bones or sprains. Report the incident. Pay attention to any cameras that may have recorded the incident. Some bystanders may be willing to give you their contact information. The manager or property owner may want to take an incident report of what you feel happened. 

Seek Medical Attention

Sometimes individuals do not feel any aches immediately after falling. Getting medical attention can ensure that if you feel injured later on, you documented the injury in a timely manner. The owner of the property may have to pay your medical bills if it is deemed that their negligence or one of their employee's negligence contributed to your injuries. Some establishments offer good cause payment to individuals who slip and fall on their premises. Use caution accepting these offers because they may forfeit any compensation you could receive in a lawsuit. 

Keep Records

It is wise to write down what happened during the incident to ensure you have a fresh record rather than trying to recall it at a later date and potentially forgetting relevant details. You may need to go to a doctor or chiropractor for injuries. This needs to get recorded, including the name of the doctor and the dates of the visits. It is an excellent choice to ask a personal injury lawyer about what documentation you need to keep in your records. They can also help to determine if you may qualify for compensation. 


20 January 2020

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