Pursuing A Lawsuit When Your Car Experiences Mechanical Failure


Mechanical failures of cars is not a common occurrence, but when there is a mechanical failure, you should pursue a lawsuit. An auto injury lawyer can help you find out a lot more about what happened to your car, and whether or not yours is an isolated incident. Either way, a lawsuit results in alerting both the manufacturer and other consumers to the problems your vehicle had before it resulted in an accident. Compensation and reasons for filing this suit are as follows. 


Once it has been established that mechanical failure was definitely the cause of your car accident, then you should file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Because the amount of damages and your medical bills is very likely more than $5,000, it is not a simple civil suit, but a major lawsuit that requires a lawyer's help. Your lawyer's fees may also be included in the cost of the lawsuit, if you would like to try to get the auto manufacturer to pay for your lawyer. Additionally, you would be granted money to pay whatever portion of your medical bills that your health and medical insurance does not cover, any injuries caused to passengers in your vehicle, replacement of the vehicle or refunded money on the vehicle if you were still paying on it, and pain and suffering, if applicable. 

Why You Should Sue

A mechanical failure with one vehicle is rarely a one-off sort of thing. Usually, several vehicles on the same assembly line that came off the assembly line at the same time will have the same or similar mechanical failures. Despite passing a visual inspection, it is not likely that these vehicles and their flaws would be identified until after the vehicles have been driven and accidents occur.

By suing the manufacturer, the manufacturer is alerted to this issue. It is up to them not only to make good on the damages you incurred, but also look into a recall on the make and model of your vehicle and any other vehicles that rolled off the assembly line around the same time as yours. By forcing a recall through litigation action, you are taking a step to prevent what happened to you from happening to other owners and drivers of similar vehicles. If the manufacturer also knew about these malfunctions, but allowed people to buy and drive these vehicles, you can sue for more. 


17 January 2020

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